Preserve a Landmark. Protect a Rainforest. Cultivate a Global Partnership.

Help shape New York City and secure a sustainable future for the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade.

Brooklyn Bridge Signatures 1
A list of names almost a mile long of people who support the Brooklyn Bridge and rainforest protection!
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The much-loved wooden boardwalk of the historic Brooklyn Bridge will need to be replaced soon. The traditional material - chosen for strength and beauty - is naturally durable tropical hardwood. Unfortunately, tropical hardwood is often obtained in ways that encourage rainforest destruction, and harm  local cultures and economies.

Rather than using a substitute material (like plastic lumber), we propose an innovative strategy to use ethically sourced hardwood. A dedicated Brooklyn Bridge Forest would be endowed by sponsors like you, and managed and harvested in a way that surpasses even the strictest global standards. This sustainable forest would ensure that the Promenade boardwalk has the wood it needs for centuries to come, and that the global environment has a new and powerful ally in the people of New York City and the friends of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Find out how you can take part in this unprecedented experiment in environmentally responsible globalization. Together, we can preserve a beloved landmark and protect a rainforest, while cultivating a lasting global partnership.